Fridays at Leirskallen

In order to get the MOST out of your Friday trainings, we have arranged for everyone to be in groups that match your current abilities. Use this page, to decide what group best suits you.

The groups are organized based on WHAT an Athlete is currently able to do; on the ground(not spring fooor).

If at any point an Athlete demonstrates that they can easily perform the skills required to join a more advanced group, The Tumbling Staff will let them know, they can join the more advanced group the following Friday.

4 Groups in Total

Check each group(beginning with the first..) to see what requirements you are able to CURRENTLY meet;

— Group 1 —


This group has No requirements. below are some of the skills that will be taught in this group..

  • Forward Roll

  • Backward Roll (Currently Optional)

  • Kick-up to Handstand

  • Bridge

  • Cartwheel

  • Front Walkover (OPTIONAL)

  • Back Walkover (OPTIONAL)

— Group 2 —


If you can do all the skills covered in Group 1, then you qualify to train in this groupthere is an exception, if you cannot do a backward roll but you can do everything else, you still qualify BUT let the instructor know as soon as class begins

— Group 3 —


If you are able to perform ALL the skills required for group 1 AND these additional skills(all without help)..


A) Standing BHS(Flikk Flakk)

C) Cartwheel Step-in BHS  *

D) Round Off *

E) Connective-BHS(no arm-swing), on any bouncy surface.

F) Round off - BHS

I) Round off - Multiple BHS

…then you qualify for this group.

— Group 4 —


If you are able to perform the following skills(without help), ALL the skill requirements for Group 3 + H, I, and J

then you qualify for this group..

A B C D E F & H I J

H) Standing Multiple BHS

I) Round off - Multiple BHS

J) Round off - BHS - Back tuck